Blood In The Crypto Streets | Altcoins Are Crashing?!

Wow, today has been bloody for just about everything except tether and Bitcoin. What in the world are we to do?

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  1. I dont think of it as a problem, for me it is an opportunity to accumulate more potential coins in a very discounted price. So glad to grab my top coin DeepOnion at this moment. Thanks again for this wonderful video.

  2. Because if I buy when it is high and then sell when it is low the last thing I want is for somebody else to buy low or even hold and later profit after I took a loss…

  3. The Titanic's maiden voyage wasn't so hot but your analogy is still good. Long term we're forming a huge bull flag so concentrate on yearly growth on the log scale.

  4. Danny, the reason eth is falling is because as the alts keep crashing, the alt teams themselves are dumping the eth they got through the ico stage to try to keep their doors open and their projects alive (also the ones jumping ship).

  5. Can’t compare crypto to stocks, lol, you invest in stocks, you are gambling with cryptos.Mind you I am a self admitted compulsive gambler and adrenaline junky that’s why I love cryptos. Be certain though stocks and cryptos are apples and oranges…

  6. Hahaha. I pressed the like button at the exact moment when someone texed your messenger and I thought Youtube made new sound for pressing the like button and after a second you say – ''shut up phone''. lol

  7. We all need to just keep dumping until wall street and SEC are happy to enter.
    If that means a 2.5K BTC before they are happy, we can show them how hard we can dump when asked if that gets ETFs approved.

  8. Isn't it truly crazy how hard it is for people to buy red and sell green? Everyone knows these simple facts and yet people bought in December at the highs and are dumping it at the lows.

  9. Somehow CNBC led to this video recommendation.

    Holding altcoins because they are all time low is baseless.
    Recent examples with stocks are $HMNY, $MNKD, $SHLD, etc.
    Usually the wisdom is that you want to ride the uptrend, rather than seeking for bottom on a falling knife.
    ETF listing is neutral, because then shorting cryptocurrencies through that is also possible.
    I think the tech is still early stage, so betting on cryptos are still closer to gambling than investing imo.

  10. Governments are organised and together to kill crypto with all the control on media, law and unlimited money. The Crypto community is shattered and unorganized with very limited money. Dishonest and greedy youtubers and other unethical promoters are also the reason of this dooms day. It's like 100 Buffaloes are helpless in front of one Lion.

  11. There is no point in complaining on how the market acts. The market does what it does. Spend your time more efficiently by preparing to the situation. And if it's tanking, then good, more entry points.

  12. People are selling at all time lows because they realise that alts are useless, there's way too many of them and they're not getting used for anything.

    They're also probably selling because they're hungry and need to pay their bills.

  13. Got to be a strong hand right now. Buy, don’t sell . . . and be patient. Have faith and help the rest of the community hold the line. Remember, those that bought and held at the bottom of the Great Depression market crash became rich later—and so it goes through each crash. Meanwhile, I still believe in Digibyte and will be laughing all the way to the bank. Be brave, mates. WWG1WGA ?

  14. Whoever is scooping all of these tokens/coins is laughing all the way to the bank. Probably bigger money. They can afford to buy a ton more than most and it doesn't even phase their portfolio. Now to watch the next bull run and all the belly-aching among the people who can't handle the wait.

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