CryptoCurrency Price Pump! – Is Crypto Going to Keep Going Up? – CryptoCurrency News

The cryptocurrency market pumped over $20 Billion this morning and we’re seeing a small correction. Will the crypto keep pumping?
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  1. I honestly do not believe that it is either manipulation nor just a small bounce back, the fact that there is no news and this is happening is actually a good sign especially for the fact that it's not just Bitcoin moving nor is it just altcoins moving, it seems to be preference and high potential / top coins moving the most. This may just be the silent time where many of the big dogs are getting in the game because any major good or bad news would draw more eyes to the markets and they probably want to keep this low-key. I do not feel like we are going to fall back to the $6,000 range again. I think we will have smaller pullbacks and larger Gaines until the ETF decision is announced. Imo of course

  2. uh… its just the way a market moves. what goes up must come down. and what goes down does tend to go up. not everything is manipulation. lol

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