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  1. That's what happens when people are pressured into making overly complicated reviews, instead of just letting people explain in simple terms what the game is about, what they like and dislike about a game.
    When did game reviewing turn into a thesis to impress some old Professor who dresses like the lord of the manor and has a hipster beard ?

  2. He even looks like a smug, smirky arsehole.

    Saw YongYeas take on his, ahem, "apology" video. He ripped him a new one. Noy a massive fan of YY, but that video is worth watching.

  3. Funny that he challenged the internet to find other examples of his lifting reviews. Do people still not have a concept of how huge incredibly deep and thorough crowd-sourcing can be? Reminds of how Mike Kennedy after being caught at a Toy Fair with a SNES JR in a Jag shell, posted screenshots of the "real" Coleco Chameleon motherboard on Facebook and challenged "let's see the Internet say this is a fake". It took AtariAge users less than 48hrs to find the exact (somewhat obscure) PC capture card that he shoved into a clear Jag case just by simple process of elimination. "Well it has all these capacitors, so it's some kind of video device", "The memory chips say it's not a GPU card", etc. until they narrowed it down to a capture card. A bit of Google Image search later and boom- bye bye Kickstarter campaign.

  4. Plagiarism isn't theft, it's fraud. The individual is claiming that the words of someone else are their own words. It's not wrong to publish similar things. It would also be okay to use someone else's words, as long as a citation is made. This is why someone can create their own version or a parody of a book, art piece, toy, etc., as long as they make reference to the original creator, or it contains nothing that would identify it as being authentic to the original creator.

  5. Jason "responsible journalism is ebola" Schreier is calling out other journalists? ha only a problem when they are outside my private clique.

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