This Is The Car Of The Future…

The Tesla Model 3 represents the latest Tesla vehicle to it the streets. The Model 3 is of course fully electric, features autopilot autonomous driving and comes in …


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  1. I'm surely up for it, although the Tesla may never be available in India for the coming days. Something that we the people can do to reduce environmental degradation….

  2. The car is a thing of divine beauty. Like it's creator. Engineering meets art. ❤. Elon/Tesla always delivers extraordinary futures to us. ❤ Plus, these two are the cutest thing ever! Chalk & cheese, but it works like a dream. "The fog lights came on." ????. Just heart meltingly beautiful to watch. ❤❤❤

  3. Stick to tech reviews and leave the car talk to us gear heads who know a thing or two about cars. Also as someone who has a financial background I can tell you Tesla is full of crap like the shoddy cars they build. I look forward to the day that they implode and Musk is perp walked in hand cuffs.

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