Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/13/2018

Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/13/2018 – https://Insider.CryptosRUs.com

What’s the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today?

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  1. If you want to short btc on binance do you just put holdings into tether and wait for the drop? How much does tether charge, one to 3%? Thanks!

  2. Hi George, love your content. I remember you had mentioned making a video about staking NULS and making a node. Do you still plan on making that video?

  3. Thanks George, very good again!
    What are you thoughts on this interesting point of view I saw somewhere:
    ''. ….you say "Bitcoin and Litecoin are overextended". That would be true if the charts were measuring true market forces. But they're not. The crypto prices are under control of bots that are forcing the prices lower to trigger limit sell orders, then pushes prices higher temporarily to entice people into a bull trap. Then they rinse and repeat the cycle with lower highs and lower lows. They have been doing this for 6 months. This is a bank run psyop to discredit cryptos and to stop new money from flowing into cryptos from the general public. Prices are crashing to break the will of the people.
    Because the bots are using the exchange pools (cryptos that people have left on the exchange), these bots have huge resources and can bring the price of BTC down to under $1000 over time using their algorithms. They can bring LTC price down to $10 by the end of the year if they want to. It is all programmed into their algorithms. Many people think this chicanery will stop once big money arrives. But it won't. Why? Because the big money will have their cryptos in ETF and exchanges (not private wallets) so most of the private keys will still be in the hands of these bots.
    Dan, I love ya like a brother from another mother :-), but 4 months from now you'll still be predicting a breakout that will never happen. The bankers will keep shaking the tree until they end up with most of the cryptos. They have done the same with gold and silver, and they are using the same techniques on cryptos.''

  4. You the man George, thanks for keeping good spirits in times like these. You have a great influence on the crypto community and we need more people like you who can explain that things will be ok in the future 🙂

  5. Stellar is also down after the anouncement….first to 0.30 and now 0.22….ok against the market they do well…waiting is the best doe now….
    Put tour money in when ETF,s are there!! Or everuthing will go down

  6. Right now while prices are so low, if you dont have 1BTC you should be buying BTC, even if its only $20. at a time. Then buy more, and then maybr 15% alts. Im accumulating BTC rn.

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