Don’t PANIC About Crypto! Bitcoin | Ethereum Falls Below $300 | BCC Considered Dead

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency daily update for 8/13/2018. Bitconnect potentially gone forever, sentiment reactions and overall crypto news. Links for reference below:

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  1. Hey T, I would love to hear your opinion of Theta token. It's at an all time low right now but it looks very promising long term. Can you do a short review?

  2. I'm currently invested in growing my eth, litecoin and and my all other alts balance in a more passive way. Great to earn a consistent amount while waiting for everything to take off again.

  3. I was buying Litecoin at top. And even more now 🙂 Its great finally buy at love price! Litecoin is the only cryptovaluta i belive in! Bitcoin have no worth for me. I rather use Creditcard and not pay 😉 Greetings from Norway!

  4. I’m a noob . Been in since March 2018. I’m staying in and up to date daily because I know numbers don’t lie.
    When I see the history of bitcoin I see the charts etc. they always eventually show an increase in value in the long run.
    The market may fluctuate like crazy but overall it’s constantly going up and that looks good to me.

  5. Hi Tyler, I am checking the crypto standings every day since:
    1. I am very interested in the technology
    2. I am very interested in the adoption process and the changed behavior of governments and big companies
    3. I have invested thousands of euros and I would like to see that turn into gains or at least break even
    4. Most Crypto Youtubers are entertaining and it is fun to follow them

    PS: you are doing a good job with you're channel, keep up the good work 😉

  6. MY #1 REASON in 24/7 die hard all in crypto since late last year is because of the power of crypto & blockchain and what it WILL DO to help everyone in humanity in every way! One EARTH, One Humanity and EVERYONE EATS!!!!!!

  7. I like to follow the news daily to see how much money I'm losing, but I love technology, so I like to see what's happening with the tech., and see what new companies are popping up. The blockchain changed everything. Thanks Tyler, always appreciate your videos and hard work. As soon as BTC hits $1 million, I'll stop by and take you for a ride in my Tesla Roadster. If it doesn't, we'll get together and watch McAfee service himself on national TV. lol

  8. Tyler, have a question…i hit the red tab on bittrex to send ltc to my coinbase wallet…i sent several coins and i made sure i pasted the correct coinbase ltc address…after over an hour …my bittrex wallet shows the amount of ltc sent in reserved and it still shows the dollar amount total in crypto the same, but does not show ltc available in wallet…im confused… is this normal? thax

  9. Im really going to wait now for the new bottom off 3k bitcoin , from 4k im going to buy more alts and bitcoin at 3k bitcoin i will buy many alts and bitcoin till end of 2018 , from then i will stop buying and wait wait wait wait wait , just go on with my life and look every month 1 time , this is a bigg risk , and also the best oppertunity off a life time if it turns out litle alts like dgb and xvg go to 1 dollar and bitcoin to 100k , even if it takes 10 years before it go's there

  10. In crypto every day. Watching the fundamentals and use cases grow. Keenly interested in what the banks and wallstreet are doing with cryptos. They are screaming the old system is collapsing. Every time some high-finance, or bankster person speaks out against crypto the more I laugh and want to buy more. These people would say NOTHING if this tiny ship that is crypto didn't pose a threat to them. 200 billion, or even 850, is nothing compared to their market spaces. They are petrified.

  11. Im feeling good about the prices falling because when i purchase the amount of coins multiply. And i plan to leave it for the next few years to see where it goes.

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