Bullish Market Flags Returning on Crypto Coin Market? My honest thoughts

In this Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin weekly news video, we take a look at some possible bullish market flags on the crypto coin market.

We take a look at Coinmarketcap and see that some steady volumes and positive gains are starting to appear, with cryptocurrency protocols getting the best of the coin market.

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  1. CONTENT i think the explaining of a system is always timeless, and you do a great job at it…example: lately ive been researching DAI to understand why its different to SALT in locking up crypto in exchange for another more "stable currency", and crypto backed stability instead of tether for stability…its all timeless knowledge, and this stuff is hitting the market all the time…explaining tech systems in plain English is hard stuff to find

  2. Hey Beau
    Enjoy these off the cuff on the fly videos where your sharing what's on your
    mind & knowledge. Market waits for no one! Enjoy your rare livestreams too
    Anywho, appreciate your work/content Enjoy that fluffy powder snow!!

  3. When the bitcoin sky rockets again there will be a bunch of new people to teach. Your not the only crypto You Tuber that's having trouble with content lately. Keep up the good work. I'll be checking out the projects you talked about in this video.

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