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  1. EDIT: Good lord… how deep does this go? You know you're unhireable when you're even plagiarizing your resume…

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  2. They literally have software that fucking searches for plagiarism, how in the fuck are you a leading gaming journalist site and you can’t even do BASIC FUCKING JOURNALIST INTEGRITY BACKGROUND CHECKS, IGN you guys are fucking embarrassing

  3. I saw one video of Filip and as his video played I disliked more and more as he was so misinformed about the subject he was talking about, it was a Nintendo accessories if im correct. And then i just found this about him lol

  4. How hard is it to make up your own content for video games? Like for real, I think it would be easier to make up your own content then to plagiarize.

  5. Thank you for this update. My take on this is the guy got lazy and got away with it for too long and it caught up with him! I’m pretty sure that after this IGN is going to be making reviews are original! Once again thanks for this.

  6. My gut feeling is this guy has never worked a day as a game reviewer. His whole career looks to have been him stealing other people's efforts and cashing in on them.

  7. I think he's avoiding directly apologizing in case he faces legal action of the issue. A recorded confession puts him at a disadvantage if he is sued.

  8. Personally, I haven’t read or listened to any game reviews in years. I’ve hated some of the highest rated games and I’ve really enjoyed some games that were only given a 3/10 or so.

    Go in blind without knowing anything about the game. You’ll enjoy it more. Make up your own mind.

  9. Obviously the guy is lazy copying and pasting other people's work as his which isn't cool. But we all borrowed a resume template lol jeez I hate making resumes I could care less if mine matched some template verbatim.

  10. Filip was in a position that should have gone to someone talented and hard working. His 2nd chance can go to hell. He should take up another career path.

  11. I got a good laugh out of this. Thanks for sharing this info. Glad this f-ing dbag got what he deserves. Never seen a more arrogant individual in the video game industry who wasn't Peter Molyneux

  12. Not to defend Filip. But I think it all blew up in his face, I came across his channel looking for info on the Switch. Back then I thought; this guy is smart, I should'v done the same if the Switch might turn into a succes. He started a channel solely focused on the Switch. Back then, there were next to none. His channel grew, in need of content he leeched of others. With his video-editing skills (and in hindsight plagiarized content), IGN came along. I think he was high of the success of his small channel for accepting it. IGN not doing thorough research which we all know now, he assumed he won't be caught. That's the only crazy thing I can think about this, that he continued to work like this. He was not fit to make reviews since he lacked the skill and no one figured that out at IGN? Filip just faked it, hoping no one will find out. Honestly he should'v just stuck with his channel, producing leech content. I am not even mad at the guy, he was in it for the money. He was never a true gamer at hart, just probably providing for his family. Funny, like others I was sincere happy for him he made it to IGN. The thing is I am mad at IGN. Since this guy has been through, I can only assume…

  13. This is nuts. There are so many YouTubers that would have given their first born to be in Fillip's job. But this numskull just threw it all down the poop shoot. What an imbecile.

  14. Even though Jason Schreier is doing a good job at outing Filip, Jason's still a dick since he unilaterally supports Jessica Price, so it makes me wonder if Filip was a female what kind of excuse he'd come up with.

  15. Dear God, I dont know whats crazier, the fact that Filip thought he could write/say someone's own thoughts WORD FOR WORD and it wasn't a big deal and no one would ever notice or care… or the fact that the internet is someone finding all these minute examples of even more plagiarism. It simply is a beautiful thing to see someone get caught like this so the rightful content creators can be recognized. It's almost to the point that he must have bragged about how high up the latter stealing work from others got him.

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