How to Survive a First-Time Abortion

Even though it can be terribly scary for a first-timer, abortion can easily deal with and overcome. When the patient has the support of the people closest to her, the whole procedure will just be a breeze. There are few things a patient must possess before going through with her appointment with the abortion clinic. I took the liberty of making an acronym out of it-ABORTION-so that readers can easily recall this in the future.


You will need every assistance that you can get, be it physical, emotional, or financial. When planning to go on with abortion, it is wiser to stay with your family and friends. No one else can take care better of you.


You will have a lighter heart if you have asked for your parents' or spouse's permission before you decide on an abortion procedure. Asking for their blessings will bring you greater peace of mind.


This decision is your own. It's your obligation to see it through. It's also your duty to defend yourself from criticisms. Your family and friends will not be by your side all the time. If ever you feel guilty, the feeling is your obligation to bear as well. you have to do something about it though. Harboring guilt (like any other negative feelings) is not healthy. In case of negative emotions, make it a point that you consult a therapist on how to keep them at bay.


You have to let people know that they have to respect your decision because it's your choice and yours alone. They have to at least respect your right to choose. However, respect does not only come from other people. It must come from yourself first. This is where self-worth sprouts. Once you have finally accepted and respected yourself, it is already easy to decline respect from other people.


Pain is a big factor in abortion procedures. It is imperative that the patient understands what she's entering. Having a high pain tolerance is admirable. However, patients with low pain tolerance will not have to worry. Pain relievers are provided during the operations. They should be prepared about the aftermath though.


Call it drama. Call it musing. But I encourage a healthy introspection from the patient. Ponder on your actions and decisions. Are you still willing to undergo abortion in the future? If not, what are the actions you can take to prevent it?


You do not only have to prepare for orderliness but cleanliness as well. Other than your stuff, organize your thoughts and your life too. After your operation, you will have to pick up the pieces and continue where you left. With a level head and an organized home, you can once again stand up and move on.


Nutritious food is very important for a patient's recovery from abortion. In fact, any patient who has undergone any surgery needs nutritious food. It's a general rule. You have to know which food will help you recover faster from your abortion operation and which food to avoid during your recovery.

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