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Have money but do not know where to invest it? Many people including myself face the same problem. We have the money and want to grow it but do not know where to invest our money. Do you face the same problem? Here are the steps to solve the problem:

  1. Invest your money in education first. You can do either do seminars, buy books, or learn it from the Internet
  2. Find out about your profiles, risk and return objectives, and constraints
  3. Do diversification in investing your money to minimize the risk and optimize the return
  4. Determine the asset allocation based on your profile
  5. Hire a financial advisor to help you
  6. Invest your money

I know that investing is easy to say but not easy to do it. It takes time to master it including myself, I am still learning it. So please prepare yourself first with knowledge and experience and then you can start to invest.

Basically, there are four main investment tools you can use which are:

  • Stock market
  • Property
  • Business
  • Internet

So which one of invest tools should we use? We should use them all but the asset allocations depend on our profiles. For example, if we are risk taker investors, we should allocate our money mostly in stock market. If we do not have much capital, Internet businesses would be perfect for us. If we are a long term investor, properties would be great for us. So the conclusion is there is no one best investment tool. We must use all the investment tools but the asset allocations are based on our profiles.

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