My take on the newly released title SCUM – Is it worth your money? Let’s find out. If you appreciate my content and want continued content on the channel please …


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  1. The game is terrible i own it …
    Its house to house looting …in 14 hours gameplay i encountered two animals 3 zombies and 1 player killed me …all you do is serach house after house after house for food …and all buildings is clones …like i saw maybe 8 types then they copypasta them around island …..

    This game is dayZ with Stats and bars that have no relation to how you play ….none those stats matter been wet or not and so on is pointless because all you do is loot houses over and over and just let the game deal out whatever to you get sick ..oh well who cares …your wet dont give a shit …your tired so what …

    run and run the walk walk walk walk walk run run run walk walk walk walk walk

    This game sucks bad …i can see it taking 3 years like dayz will produce to little to late …think h1z1 think dayz this is just those at some stage those is at ..2 months and servers will die and your get battle royal mode that is only thing left been played …its so obvious stinks of dayz and h1z1

  2. No comments with 165 views? Well, I'll rectify that. One thing that you didn't mention was 'time to kill'. It is very easy to kill someone with just one bullet. This will promote camping for sure. This could be counteracted somewhat with weapon sway (a la real life) mechanics. I don't know of a person that doesn't shoot a gun without a moderate amount of instability. This might not seem realistic in a game, but you have to balance that with a one-shot ability to kill. I've also heard that they have ramped up the Mechs 'intelligence' and the undeads chase mechanics. The servers need a lot of help. Too much teleportation issues and memory leaks. Framerates start off good and then tank the longer you are on the server. The crafting system appears to be deep, but the accompanying animations are horrible. Your player has a ton of stats associated with them, but they don't yet serve any purpose. Getting sick can't be solved with any of the in-game medicines. All of these player stats don't mean a thing unless they are tied into some sort of goal. Maybe getting to a spot/spots on the map where you can evacuate the place? Or pushing a button or solving a puzzle to activate some sort of chaos against the other players in the field. As it stands, this has no gameplay. No sense of urgency in doing anything other than surviving. And we already have those games. I will say this, the game is very good looking and walking through the woods is a treat to behold as the sun is setting. There is a lot of promise in this game (where have we heard that line before!) that hopefully will not be squandered by the developers. Let's see where this is 6 months to a year from now. It might be worth it's $20 asking price. As it stands now, I'd only pay $10.

  3. This game is good, for the very very launch of it it is amazing. I think if it had a bit more loot, some vehicles and more player interactions, it would rocket up to more than 100k avg userbase.

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