Bitcoin Manipulation At Its Finest | Crypto Crash

This is straight up bitcoin manipulation. Watch the order books… no crypto news could have predicted this.

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  1. I feel that run was pretty quick. So a correction to 6900 was needed. Not really much of a suprise i mean 15% is normal for us crypto guys, right Daniel? Bad time to sit on the sidelines, IMO. It's accumulation time.

  2. Big institutional investors and Wall Street manipulating the Crypto markets to flush out the weak retail investors and drive prices down as much as possible. Then collectively enter strategically at the lowest price levels possible to start the bull run and take profits.

  3. A combination of things : Primarily Institutional players shorting BTC to suppress the price and adoption by mainstream sheeple until such time as regulation is sufficient to allow the insto's to buy the physical asset. Similar in scope to how gold and silver are suppressed with futures contracts add to that the still semi – unregulated nature of crypto exchanges that allows for easy manipulation by every scum bag with the resources to do so.

    What burns my a*s most of all is the so called , self proclaimed, trader wanna bee's who proclaim to be crypto supporters and short BTC just following the momentum of the market makers. Do they not realize they are aiding the enemy at a time when crypto's are under heavy attack from those we desire to free ourselves from ? They should join forces and take the opposite side of the trade ( bulls in force ), if you must short something there are plenty of easy pickings in the legacy / fiat / equity markets.
    With that said if you claim to be a crypto supporter and you short BTC, in this time of war, I hope you get wrecked !

  4. "I don't care how low bitcoin goes I'm not going anywhere" = manipulator's dream come true. You are just food for bigger fish, nice to see you are so happy being eaten. lol. 🙂

  5. Good investigative mindset bud, someone is deliberately shorting the market to sabotage the cboe etf application. This may be some big whale (s) who shorted the market and need to ensure they get their win. Irrespective of this, cboe is ?, the sec won’t support it because of this manipulation. This will effect the price of btc and alts to the downside as retail investors run for the hills.

  6. Let me guess, cnbc started praising Bitcoin. That means you should sell asap.
    Yes, it is sooo freakin manipulated, these shits have played us since dec/jan.

    It ain't trading anymore, it is gambling if you're in.

  7. This happens on bitmex all the time. This isn’t the reason for the dump.

    I hate to say I told you so but I have said so many time yesterday I think BTC is done and it’s inevitable it’s heading to new lows.

  8. Are you sure it isn’t just everyone selling the shit out of it.. Goldman Sachs news came out and it was time for it to drop anyway so it added fuel to the fire ?
    Lol it’s taking a dumpy shit… the order book is suspicious though

  9. Dude what do you mean it is not natural.100 mil in bitcoin was moved to exchanges 3 days ago. This is perfectly natural and happened in exactly the same way last time whales were moving btc to echanges.Just chill

  10. Dude, you are reading the bitmex orderbook wrong? The contracts arent the exact same size. That is the TOTAL amount of sell orders up to that price. The actual order stack is the column to the left???

  11. This is manipulation but it was to be expected. A lot of bitcoin was moved prior to this. And yes ETF applications are toast IMO too. Maybe next year.

  12. You didn't "see" it coming, when news came out, that 110k BTC were moved from a silkroad wallet address?
    What did you think they (owners of all those BTC) would do with that amount of BTC? Shake the market hard and then wait for the alts to go to hell, buy some privacy coins, and cash out…

  13. It’s time to buy hard its a shake out ! ? Omg ! Buy as they are selling I am there’s a limited supply right. Just buy’em ! Do it ! Remember the 2007 drop same type of shit. Buy this time you’re gonna buy in and know that you’re smarter than everyone else. ? because you are. ?don’t punk out now you fuk’s !

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