Are Altcoins DEAD? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

The market continues to crash down as altcoins show more and more weakness. Are altcoins dead or are things going to turn around? What about Ethereum? Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today!

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. RE: the Vays&Ver debate, really anyone who debates with Ver will be part of a negative-looking argument. Ver has a way of making crypto, in general, look cheesy, spammy, scammy and overall "cheap". Tone imo had a GREAT argument, great points he made, especially what you said George, about BTC increasing value, why would anyone want to spend it. BTC ftw! 🙂

  2. Why crypto Kerby all day pushing shorts and saying how much money the short made…?
    Even if i want to short…i cant in Binenc and im not goung to all this shady Exchanges….
    Say something about it tomorrow..
    Im listening to you ..i trust you!!

  3. It seems you burned much more than 30 minutes in the live session today. Earlier I did traded some other altcoins for VET cuz I think VET is stronger. Hopefully it is a good decision. Anyway thx for sticking around.

  4. How can you be against litecoin because you don't see a future for it after lightning comes out, and then say that you like the explanation that bitcoin is a store of value and bitcoin cash is for every day purchases?

  5. Thanks for the video as always, always like hearing your views on the market and the news! Keep it up and ignore the humorless people! Was it $1 for 1 BTC? I must rush! Pity I gave $6250 for some BTC a few hours ago! Accumulate!

  6. VeChain's two token system is designed to capture the value of increased network usage. It's only a matter of time until we'll see some usage-driven price appreciation. Altcoins are currently not much more than heavily overvalued collectables.

  7. I think the support zone for whole market cap is $112-$155B in terms of support zones for that graph.
    Halloween +/- 12 days will be the next show – mark my words. I think it will go down, but either way, I'm confident that 25 day zone will be a shocker.
    That shocker MIGHT also be BTC dominance skyrocketing to 70% as btc holds $5800-6K. That's a possibility.

  8. yes i sold all my alt coins about $7,000 and moved them into btc back in February. Alts will be dead until you see btc stabilize to 15,000 per coin IMHO

  9. Another pressing question for you, George, of the top 100 projects, what do you think the average token holder number is ? I think I saw a recent statistic that showed only about 400 "active" wallets per project in crypto of the top 100 projects. Could that be possible ?

  10. Thanks for the video as always, always like hearing your take on the market! I was wondering what your take on ZRX is? Any chance you might be able to touch on it in the next video? Greatly appreciated

  11. George, do you agree until we see more regulations in this space, vultures like BITMEX will continue to take advantage of the relative weakness of any one project (see ETH). An ETF for BTC certainly will help prevent relatively small whales from being able to manipulate the overall market, but until we see a ETH ETF, I'm sure the assault will continue on that token. Can the ALT coin market rise WITHOUT ETH ?

  12. It seems unfathomable that BTC is worth more than EVERY project on Coin market cap COMBINED ? IF one assumes that only the top 200 projects will survive (if that many), when do you believe these projects combined will surpass the total market cap of BTC ? Do you think this will happen BEFORE the end of this calendar year ?

    He was saying in January that Bitcoin was gonna be worth $60,000 by now. He was saying that was your last chance to get a whole Bitcoin. He was Lucky to make money just because he enter the market a year or two earlier than the rest is not because he knows anything about cryptos.
    Fuck this scammer.

  14. There really hasn't been a "good day" in crypto since January. Every Altcoin gain since May of last year has been completely wiped out… its as if May 2017-Present day with altcoins never existed.

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