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  1. The story needs to be better written. Dont change Miles' backstory. Add Venom and Carnage and Green Goblin and Black Cat and Sandman and Lizard and Mysterio.

  2. The sequel for this game is going to be truly epic. Green Goblin and Venom will probably be the villains, since they were teased the most (the end credit scene with Harry and the goblin grenades you can find in Norman’s hidden lab) and they’re definitely gonna pose a true and immediate threat to Spidey and his friends.

  3. I wish that we could have seen them way more.
    And I wish that we could have fought them individually as fighting them in pairs just felt like the game was trying to rush through them.
    And am I the only one who felt that Shocker should have been in the Sinister Six instead of Mister Negative? It would have felt more complete if he was a part of it.

  4. Don’t show the old 1960-70 versions of the villains like you guys fixed them. Even though I really enjoyed the game, and liked the characters in it. I’m going to say you’re not giving the new artist at Marvel credit for their character design, and given you ideas on the game version.

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