iPhone XR Impressions: All of the Colors!

iPhone XR might actually be the iPhone for everyone! Even if we don’t know what the R stands for… iPhone Xs and Xs Max Impressions: …


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  1. Can't watch 1080p videos on a 6.1 inch display.
    On a flagship phone.
    In 2018.
    It's not even Oled.
    And you're paying 750$ for it.

    Let that sink in.

    There are sub 200 dollar phones with a higher resolution display.
    The One Plus 6, a phone that costs 250$ lesser has better amoled 1080p display and still got some criticism for not bumping up the display resolution to 1440p.

  2. matching a iphone XR with a beats decade collection that would look so cool ?
    the only bad thing is the screen is not even 1080p i mean on imacs we have 5k display .. why not even 1080p on this iphone? i know this is supose to be a ¨cheap version¨
    but is just not that cheap to not having a 1080p display but colors are great i love the red one like always

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