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  1. Do you know how hard it's going to be for any game that's a hero shooter, and looks anything like Overwatch, to pull players (and new players)  from Overwatch!? Pretty damn hard, apparently…

  2. Use the knife more as Wraith, Jug can do a run and jump that gets him mad hight, pulsar is good for disengage as Vanguard. As Harrior you have to smack your team with the healing station. Seriously though it at their feet they normally cant fund it for a second or two. If they spend time looking for it they could die. Assassin's key ability lets her jump or swing more, enforcer buff's his team of they are close enough, and medic can juke side to side juke no one business. There is alot more you could have done in your game play. Good work though.

  3. I wonder how the Map Design / Aerial Gameplay dynamic would have been different if none of the maps had "floors" like these buildings, just sparse platforms. Not so much place to stand, run or slide, so most of the game had to be played while airborne and moving.

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