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  1. Just finished this game, sadly I can’t disagree with this review.

    The game is gorgeous and the setting is so intriguing but sadly the developers forgot about the gameplay in the process….

  2. This is not a game for 10 yearolds who think that minecraft has the best graphics and story. And it is not for people who think that all shooters should be just that, a point and shoot game with friends. If you are not like that, get this game, it is an 8/10 ez.

  3. This game deserves a second one. I loved it. I'm a huge fan of jack the ripper, vampires and my favorite….werewolves. the order delivered it and I loved it

  4. This is one of the best games I’ve played in awhile. I think it deserves a better ranting then what it got. An I don’t see why so many people hate on it. Gameplay has been fun the story keeps me interested. Haven’t been able to stop playing sense I’ve started. People don’t believe tho fool who did the review, and be bad comments. Just try it

  5. i'm playing through it now ,on the basis i ignored youtube reviewers and took the chance ….imo .. its a great game and looks beautiful with great gameplay … we need a sequel plz

  6. This game is incredible! I hope they make a sequel set in a different time period. Alternate WW1 era perhaps? The Order: 1914

  7. most of haters to the game because of the cut-scenes and cinematic feeling while in fact this is the best thing i like about Games i like alot of cut-scenes and cinematic gameplay ..i don't care about repetitive spams every-time to shot i want a good STORY And it doesn't matter if its short or long.

  8. The way I see it not every game needs to be a 100+ hour, open world shooter. We already have plenty to choose from. I liked that the game was different and the strength of the story and immersion of the world make up for the slow movement and clunky controls in certain situations. Plus I think it’s nice to be able to complete a game in a few sessions and really grasp the whole story instead of spending 20 hours doing side quests. I don’t think every game should be like this but it’s nice to have a variety. I hope a sequel comes out even though some overly critical gaming joy boys didn’t like it.

  9. How can you give this masterpiece a 6.5??
    The story, the characters, the weapons, the music…..
    All of them are perfect
    The only reason it took me so long to get this game was because of the bad review you guys gave it.
    Looks like I’m gonna have to try for myself from now on rather than listen to reviews.
    Who the f*** cares if it doesn’t have any multiplayer? If you want to play online go get another game, don’t hate on this one.
    And Slugish??? What are you talking about?
    What the f***
    It’s Smooth AF.
    I’m disappointed in IGN.

  10. Well, I really liked this game, the only thing I have against it, is that it was too short. Luckilly I didn't go on this review, otherwise I would've missed a great game.

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