MODE For Android Wear

MODE Bands – MODE bands for Android Wear allow you to quickly swap your watch band to customize the appearance and feel.


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  1. Hey Lu whats going on how you doing? right now just watched the new iphone upload from you and i saw the frontier on your wrist? Does work properly for you? GPS and heart rate sensor stop work me. any advice? btw joy watching your channel

  2. Hi U,T, Thanks for your effort
    I'm watching your videos with interest
    I would like to ask a "comprehensive and well-equipped smart clock proposal".
    The content what I need
    (camera waterproof & durable one) long life battery ram-memory.
    Suggest is important to me Thanks a lot…

  3. Hi kids! Im going to teach you how to get replies!

    First comment something like,

    Isis is a joke, The earth is flat, 911 was staged, or (my personal favorite!)

    I bombed the pentagon!

    So kids now you know how to get replies.

    Your welcome.

    -Patrick out

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