IGN Reviews – FIFA Soccer Vita – Game Review

IGN’s very own Daniel Krupa reviews the newest addition to the FIFA gaming franchise. Does FIFA Vita successfully recreate the FIFA experience on Sony’s new …


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  1. the front touch screen is crap in this game but the rear touch screen is awesome. I bought this for $5 recently and for somebody who is not into soccer that much or played a FIFA soccer game since 1998, I found this game to be awesome and easy to pick up and play

  2. FIFA 13 on the vita is a weird game. the touch screen play is just pointless and awkward. You fingers can't rest anywhere on the back of the console or you just blast a shot over the bar. I had to turn it off on the settings as its the most pointless and massive design fault. And in general the game is too easy. take a shot from outside the box and 8 times out of 10 it will go in. (on world class may i add)

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