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  1. ''What resonates, are not the sweeping condemnations of American racial prejudice. But modest fleeting glimpses of life at it's most banal.'' Is he writing a novel? The language he uses is needlessly complicated and completely unnecessary. There is no depth to this review and I can understand not spoiling anything. Poor.

  2. I hear there's leftist politics/propaganda etc? Nope. I love Chloe & Max so much, but I won't buy this if that's the case. Do devs not realise like 99% of gamers are very right wing?

  3. Outside of the poorly executed political aspects it looks pretty stellar, protagonists are 'hella' likeable. Gameplay looks pretty bad tho and the facial animation is atrocious, especially on the younger kid.

  4. I’m down for politics in games, but it should be COMPLETELY unbiased. Honestly, I’ve been so hyped for this game for such a long time. But I had no idea that this game had an actual political goal to reach, and it seems like they also don’t really even know what they’re doing. It’s moronic for this French company to even try to play at the affairs of US politics. They obviously don’t know how it goes down over here.

  5. i see that the lip sync is almost as bad as the original.. christ, how do they keep doing this so badly? Games from 10+ years ago had better lip sync

  6. I like entertainment to bring me out of reality and the devisive politics of the day not be force fed more propaganda of either side. For me its a pass. Shame. Loved the first one.

  7. I would give this a strong 8 to a 9 , I really enjoyed the chemistry between the brothers and I was hooked on the whole way through, can’t wait for episode 2

    They also mentioned many games , even The Last of Us

  8. Get woke. Go broke.

    Hate to sound cliché, but ramming politics, especially contemporary politics into escapism / entertainment is a surefire way to alienate a large part of your audience.

    And immigration is great : legal immigration. It's unfair to patient legal immigrants to skip the lengthy immigration process entirely. People need to fix their own countries. After all if Trump's US is so terrible, why flee to it? Fight to male your own countries better. It's not easy, but that's how America was made in the first place.

  9. First IGN claim Luke Cage Season 2 is bad as it contains crucial character development which they can’t recognise and now they call LiS2 bad for not being more action-packed even though this game isn’t supposed to be within the action genre

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