Incoming Q4 Bitcoin Bull Run? [Cryptocurrency News & Motivation]

There will be a Q4 Bitcoin bull run, if history is any factor! Watch the video!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let’s go over today’s recent news and talk about a Quarter 4 bull run.

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Google Reverses Crypto Ban:

75 Banks Have Joined JPMorgan in Blockchain:

Tether (USDT) Is Off The Hook: There Is Zero Evidence To Prove That It Was Used To Manipulate Bitcoin’s Price, Study Says


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  1. Cool video, I began trading with sir beckford some few weeks back, I have made 4btc with an initial investment of 0.804btc. I wish I could meet him in person to show my gratitude

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  3. (I didnt watch the whole video)
    But people may ask why. Why does it happen in Q4 all the time and why is it shit before Q4? My theory is that at the end of the year investors come along who want to invest. But not the investors that you might think.. not only rich bank people who dont know what to do with their money. It's also normal companies… alot of normal companies. Because at the end of the year in most cases companies have to pay taxes and tell how much money they have at hand. The more money they have at the end of the year the higher are the taxes. So what do they do? Buy shit. Cars, houses, boats, whatever. And some go into crypto because why not? Crypto is looking good and why not invest a lil bit into that? Less taxes and less stuff to declare. And why does it go down after that? Maybe because you gotta keep that money untouched for 1 year in most countries to take it back without having to pay taxes. So people invest and the people who invested a year before that sell their stuff but probably not all of it bc why should they. Like i said it's looking good. And why is it always reaching a higher peak than the year before? Bc there are more people investing into crypto than in the year before. So that would also explain why i dont think that bitcoin is going to reach an absurd price like 1 million dollars. Just because at some point BTC is just going to be known by everyone. There wont be new investors who havent tried investng before. There are some obviously but not as many in the years before. And im telling you we will have at least 5 more bullruns. After that the price for bitcoin will just even out and be like a normal currency without any drastic changes. Altcoins are another story tho. But thats just my lil humble thought. Please tell what you think about my thought

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  5. Thanks for the video. I don't get it when people compare 2014 to 2018 either.
    I think we'll see a bull run too. Doubt it will be as extreme as in 2017, but I feel we will get out of this bear market in a few months.

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  7. Yes, the bull runs occur in quarter 4 but now that you've mentioned it, the bull run wont occur. You've ruined it for everyone, buddy. Hope you're proud of yourself

  8. You'll be fucking surprised of how much the bull run is NOT gonna happen. Too late. While you stupid cows were screaming "regulations" the #banksters got it all. George #Carlin was the last free American. What we have now is a bunch of banksters' #slaves

  9. …so the #banksters allowed a little bit of green – so what? They got all the #crypto by now while stupid populous is screaming "regulations" inviting the very same #banksters to fuck them even deeper.

  10. You guys have to pump the Sh!t up to the moon to have any hope of getting some of your money back, the dummies aren't as thick these days as they were last year

  11. XRP’s Swell conference is Oct 1-2 with some pretty big speakers and no matter how you feel about Ripple I think this conference can spark a Q4 Run up

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