Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL review

After a month with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from Google, here’s our review. Each comes equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor, and a rear 12MP f/1.8 …


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  1. i have a question .i know both pixel 2 or pixel 2 xl are same camera but i have a doubt pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl photo qwality are same or not plz tell me (doubt no 1= video performance at night(back camera)
    .no 2= auto focusing timing is same or not because i think pixel 2 xl auto focus in better than pixel 2
    no 3 =front camera because pixel 2 xl has 8 MP, f/2.4, 25mm, 1/3.2", 1.4µm or pixel 2 has 8 MP, f/2.4, 27mm, 1/3.2", 1.4µm … both are same or not

  2. I won't buy a smartphone without a headphone jack is the most stupid idea just to cut costs for manufacturing. When apple started with the S7 then others started coming the same idea from Apple. Is bad how other manufacturers copy Apple thank god Samsung hasn't done it yet let's hope they don't

  3. Getting the Pixel 2 XL, currently using an Oukitel K6 (chinese phone) having having left Apple once and for all and switched back to Android for keeps (I'm done with Apple and their deception and boring locked down platform) this phone and along with stock Android is true Android, not Touch Wiz, LG, or anything else, plus there's a certain amount of kudos to getting the latest updates to the latest version Android before everyone else and that unlimited free storage for photos and videos is just too good to ignore plus the screen issue has been fixed and even if it wasn't fixed I'd still buy a Pixel 2 XL as I love stock Android. Good review

  4. I'm not buying a expensive phone with no headphone jack I'm going to get the best phone there is the Samsung galaxy note 8 from Virgin mobile for £29 a month I like that nice price for the best phone on the market U can't never beat Samsung they always deliver thank you Samsung for keeping the headphone jack so I can plug in my sweet BOSE headphones & than brilliant twin cameras & the front selfie camera with the 8 mg pixels autofocus & that amazin S amoled screen cheers Samsung.

  5. Why is no one talking about distortion sound on loud music???? Does it really not happen all the time. This is my second replacement and I still hear distortion sounds on loud to mid music

  6. I have just bought a Pixel 2. It has a major flaw for anyone buying it in a PAL country like the UK. The video flickers very often with certain lights. I believe it's video's at 30fps and 60fps as well as the 120fps and 240fps slow motion. It needs to be able to video at 25fps avoid the flickering. Avoid buying this phone if video is important to you in the UK. It's been a big disappointment to me – Google should really fix this as my phone is mainly useless to film indoors and very often with street lighting as well.

  7. I love my pixel 2 xl all reviews was putting me off getting the phone but am glad I got it and didn't listen to alot of people I was going to go for the smaller pixel glad I didnt prefer a big screen even though it has the little blue tint people make it much more a big deal then it actually is. It's buttery smooth and fast don't think I've ever had this feeling with other phones and I can't believe it actually seems more smooth then my old 7plus and puts iphone cameras to shame even the iphone x which I returned because the front camera was shameful.

  8. Another copy paste review of some shill reading a tech sheet. Nothing from this review separates it from reviews from android authority or Marques Brownlee. Stop wasting everyone's time. Everyone knows about the color issues, the update is already solving that. If I wanted to watch your video I could've just read the text from the Google store. Disliked.

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