Google Pixel 3 XL vs Pixel 2 XL: YouTubers REACT!

Google Pixel 3 vs Pixel 2 – YouTubers REACT! Google Pixel 3 XL review coming, but with the new Pixel 3 vs Pixel 2 vs iPhone Xs Max, is it worth upgrading?


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About the Author: Dom Esposito


  1. Google needs Apple’s hardware team and Apple desperately needs Google’s software team. There’s a big disconnect from hardware to software and vs. versa

  2. There is no phone above 900 bucks that justifies its price..but this phone is a complete rip may be the best camera..but where is 4k 60 or 1080p 240…pretty much tells the story as to why google is a data company..pixel is just a way of harvesting the data.

  3. I will keep my pixel 2 xl which is better phone in terms of battery which has more MAH than pixel 3xl or 3. There is no much difference other than camera and wireless charging. The pixel 2xl looks fantastic than 3xl without notch. There is no much difference in software aswel its almost same.

  4. Thank you Dom , I'm a Pixel 2 owner and was thinking about upgrading but after watching this video , I've decided to sit this one out and wait for the Pixel 4 .

  5. Why not instead of spending $899 on a new phone with a "better camera" you keep your old phone and buy a drone which will capture a much more unique photo then any phone? Just a thought.

  6. Look, they pulled an APPLE & are selling us the same phone again. New additions to the hardware Dual Front Cameras, a New Screen Notch , Snapdragon 845 and Wireless Charging. Everything else is Software Improvements, that are also coming to the Pixel Phones next month.

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