How To Take 25% Profit In Crypto Trading Again & Again !

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In this video i would like to tell you how we can take max benefit from crypto trading and how we can take 25% profit in crypto trading with least amount of risk involved .

I hope this strategy will allow all of you to start taking more and more profit from crypto trading .

Wish You Success,
Sumit Kapoor
(Money Guru )


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  1. Helo Bhai,
    Thank you for your suggestions and i had gain from crypto currency after listening and applying your ideas. you are the one who sharing your knowledge on this cryptocurrency and helping us how to trade and get profits, once again a BIG THANKS.
    am working in Gulf and recently i make my analysis (thank you for your teachings) and invested in DBIX Coin 3 days since then my portfolio is 18% UP and i find that the value of this Currency was 42 USD all time high especially between november to January. and recently i see that from 0.89USD on 15.10.2018 and present is 1.90 USD its more than double in these 4 days.
    i request you to do your analysis on this coin and give your advice, that may i hold this coin till end of janauary 2019 or to take take the profit and exit in few days.
    your suggestions are always very helpful to me. Looking forward for your reply.

  2. Yaar aapse better kaun jaanta hai.. Aap jo khud kar rahe buying and selling, just share that. We will follow that.. You buy something we buy something, you sell something, we sell something.. Simple.. Why can't you do this?

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