Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has a few rough edges, but any of its three modes make for an enjoyable shooter experience that feel distinct and personalized. Call of …


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  1. Has anyone notice they spent 3 years making this for just 14 multiplayer maps and 4 of those maps are remakes and no campaign and the same trash zombies we had every year now? Don't think blackout justifies these issues.

  2. I like this type of thing for a game like this. Where the main modes are so different. It gives you a better look at it. Still not buying the game. Not my usual type of game.

  3. 9/10 for those people who don't have time to waste because you have a hot date tonight with a girl you met at Arby's last Tuesday named Veronica who insists she isn't a nerd but secretly you found her reading articles on binomial nomenclature and listening to public radio and you were pretty turned on by her incredible passion to learn about how things work

  4. lets be honest why need a campaign it just takes space and u only play it once unless ur broke asf and dont have internet. plus after the shitty bo 3 campaign. i think bo4 is way better without a campaign after i finish red dead 2 ima come back to bo4 until red dead online comes

  5. This review format they tried was absolutely unnecessary and extremely annoying. They literally milked it on for 4 videos and an entire week; whoever came up with this idea is a total moron.

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