News I Missed – Ripple/SWIFT Rumours, Crypto Isn’t Real, Bitcoin To $10k And ICO Activity

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  1. I feel that you are some how negative about XRP and Ripple. We all know speculation moves the price in big preceteges. We all know that there is a risk investing in cryptos… The point is… to give us the news with natural opinion like in the news on the tv.
    That is if you wish more real followers.

  2. I'm not drinking a merger Kool-Aid however if Swift was smart enough to partner with Ripple they can offer a 30% percent discount to every single bank in the world and if they run it through xrp swift could also have a 30% reduction of cost to them which would go straight to their bottom line profits.

  3. Just out of curiosity, im new to crypto and wandering if anyone knows how ethereum mooned so quick in a short period. If so what events led to this. Cheers

  4. The reason i usually dont completly watch your video's is becouse of my insanly short attention span.
    I dont care what you say about the stuff i invested in, i like that you are honest about crypto.
    Good quality content this is.

  5. Yes, and as to hide, we are looking at you, “digital asset investor.” That guy is out there at least once, if not twice a day making XRP stroke videos, and it’s just ridiculous. Somebody needs to hunt that guy down like a dog.

  6. Hello TMI. Question..
    Do you think it's possible that we will have a big sell off from whales in January?
    Since holding for a year + qualifies for a tax break, it makes more sense for folks that bought in 2017 to sell in 2019 for max profit potential.

    I'm gonna pay close attention the minute we turn a new year.

    Ty for all that you do.

  7. People who are complaining about the videos being too long you should be happy he’s doing all the research for us like he said before you could do your own research

  8. A branch of McDonalds is partnered with OmiseGO. We can assume for sure that if its gonna be a succes in Singapore/Thailand/Japan, then they will be looking at it to expand it to the entire McDonalds chain. So we can at least tell that McDonalds is playing with the idea/watching the market, which is ofc not a certainty that they will do so or will do so in a short time span. They are eyeballing it, that's all we can assume.

  9. it is the era of fake news
    I would LOVE a partnership with Ripple and Swift to announced but i am not going to get hyped about rumours. I already have my bags and not going to FOMO in

  10. ust a little feedback point, I think we need to stop using the world Bitcoin when referring to Crypto. There are far
    better techs such as XRP, EOS and Cardano, and I think the word BTC needs to stop being used unless people are referring directly to it. For example, you said McDonalds using BTC, but it would be a better management decision if they used XRP for example.

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