Samsung Galaxy S7 review

Our Samsung Galaxy S7 review is finally here, released alongside the Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung needed a big win from the Galaxy S6 in 2015, which it got …


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  1. I used a different charger on my s7 for awhile because I misplaced my original one. Now my battery life seems to be getting maybe almost 9 hours on heavy use during a charge. Anyone know what I did?

  2. hey guys I own a galaxy s6 and its a very nice phone but I got one problem which is he battery life. I am a heavy user of the phone multi tasking always on WhatsApp facebook snapchat etc and using the camera and so on the device at first when i bought it was decent when i upgraded from my galaxy s4 but a year on I am really annoyed with the battery life ….. So my question is should I updrage to the Galaxy s7 (not the edge version) or should I not cuz it isnt worth it battery life wise ??? #InDistress

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