AMD Stock Prices Plummet Amid Crypto Bear Market

amd stock prices falls, china satinizes andrea antonopoulos’ book, us court dismisses coinbase insider trading case, and more!

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China ‘Sanitizes’ Andreas Antonopoulos’ Book Mastering B*tcoin

Surveillance state per excellence: Coinbase’s stablecoin is a demanding one and will shut you off if you don’t comply


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  1. AMD should have taken up your offer to work for them ( or possibly it was nvidia ), you KNEW all those chip sales were crypto related & nothing to do with gaming, you tried to tell them in your videos, so many times, they are sorry they did no listen to you now aren't they??

  2. They were warned don't get greedily, honesty i have one the mining cards, it a Peace of shit , i had to redo the bios to keep it stable, so i won't buy any more cards meant for Mining by AMD, i will buy the new 660 or whatever they call them . an honestly i don't feel it was the coin market that made there stock drop , the bubble is going to bust soon under trumps BS economy once his BS kicks in next years, were still on Obama's dime till 2019 then well see . beside the power in congress is shifting in Nov … trump will be lame Ducked next year, i just hope while they lame duck the ass hole they get something done for the greater good or come 2020 another 4 years of bone spurs .

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