The TRUTH Behind the Bitcoin Dip

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Today we look at what could be happening to the markets. It seems like the ETF delay decision on the behalf of the SEC isn’t enough to change the markets this much. Also we look at some stories on the Opera Browser getting a crypto wallet and also the Brave Browser extending BAT allowances to Twitter and Reddit.


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  1. Thanks bitboy for those word. You so right people want capitalization in months, it took btc almost a decade to reach the actual level..

  2. You didn't mention Goldman Sachs, the real powerhouse that is pushing prices down to save fiat and their brokerage. If bitcoin and other cryptos win, Goldman loses! Banks vanish! They are trying to hold onto power and you aren't aware of this, apparently! They use the mainstream media to put out bad news for cryptos and you don't mention it? Control over the media is enormous power. People look up to these crooks in suits at Goldman Sachs. How many times have they been caught robbing $40 million per day for years and then the fine is $60 million, or a day and a half of profits! They are crooks, in suits! They are manipulating the prices of cryptos, especially bitcoin! You don't seem to know what's going on in the world! Your vision of the world is fake!

  3. I'll tell you honestly. I click the link thinking to have the answer of the fall of bitcoin BUT you spend your time selling bitcoin with good news … damn shit.
    With your videos you are responsible for the bankrupt people (we are no longer in 2012 to sell bitcoin at $ 100 .. you abuse)

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