URGENT: Bitcoin Crashing! SHOULD I SELL? [Cryptocurrency Perspective]

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Coin Dance

The SEC cracks down on two ICOs, creating a template for future enforcement

The SEC cracks down on two ICOs, creating a template for future enforcement

Kraken and Huobi Assign BCH Ticker to Bitcoin Cash ABC

Kraken and Huobi Assign BCH Ticker to Bitcoin Cash ABC

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  1. I predicted Bitcoin would crash to this price level, which is why I bought in around 3900. It is highly unlikely to crash below 3000. As my videos (bestcryptonewsletter.com) will show you this had to happen and as I said, was predicted by me just as the 2018 bear market was predicted by me. When the crashing is complete, probably between Nov 26 – 29, then a new short-term bull market will begin. This will last about three weeks to 2 months, although the longer term bear market may continue after that. But just because I've been right in my videos does not make me a financial advisor. So proceed at your own risk and not because of my opinions or successes. Best of luck out there.

  2. Remember the guy who sold his family house to buy Crypto… He bought very close to the top… Wonder how living in a tent being penniless is treating him and his family?

  3. …what i am doing: buying the dips of btc. How i am doing it: with money i can afford to loss. WHY I AM DOING IT: the more btc falls the more is going to raise…history: between tigris and efutrates rivers arqueologist found papyrus with accounting that dated 3000 years ago. That accountancy was from the Babylon empire and was a basic single entry accounting that work until the middle ages when Fray Lucca paccoli created the doble entry accounting for the vatican. That system of assets and liabilities lasted until 2008 when SATOSHI resolve the dobble spending problem creating a triple entry system THE BITCOIN. btc is the future becuase is better…i dont know what the future may bring i do know that as someone said btc cannot be uninvented. Is here to stay becuase is better. Is better becuase is more reliable than previous system. What can i say…i tell my friends the following: hormiguita que compra sus satoshis pasa buen invierno..those who little by little buy btc are going to be wealthy. If u buy i huge quantity of btc and price drops and u get scare and u sell and price sky rockets and u buy and the price keeps fluctating and u keep chasing the btc u are going to get wreck. On the other hand if u are already spending 100 usd per month in cigarrets or beer or in anything else that u can quit even if tons of discipline are required and u start buying small quantities of btc per month and u quit looking at the price of btc even if tons of patience is required in very little time…wait until the halving u would be able to stop working from 9 to 17 and started spending your btc. You should start buying now (small quantities u can afford) and accumulated until u are able to buy a beutiful house for 0.5 btc Sorry for my cranky english sorry for the long comment but i see it soooooo clearly that i have the necesity of sharing. Be happyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  4. "I was there buying bitcoin every month at these cheap $230 prices after I saw it crash all the way down from $1200. While the rest cried about it and said bitcoin was dead, I was buying, now do the math and tell me it didn't pay off.

    The price was low because of MtGox in my opinion. When you get hit by a nuke, there's radiation. The low price was the remainders of this destruction, but I knew bitcoin would survive long end. The protocol was intact and everything worked as intended. A big centralized exchange closing was nothing."

    One of many posts in a Forum from 2014.. well for him Bitcoin is Still High.. hahaha

  5. "Ten years after the Ultra Depression of 2020 the one thing people remembered most were the bitcoin bridge jumpers. Nobody knew who started it but all over the world people jumped of bridges with usb-sticks tied around their necks and heavy computers chained to their legs. The first recorded jumper, a man from London also had a belt of DVDs around his waist. The DVDs were episodes of Blackadder."
    – What we learned from the Empty Twenties by Merle Pariso –

  6. Crypto moves with the stock market. Just compare it with the snp500 or nasdaq. We've been in the bear market for the last 6 month and nobody realizes it. I've been in denial and finally came to term with it.

  7. Maan, people need to realise these coins are nothing more than speculation. Prices will go up and down based on these speculations as well as the clear market manipulation taking place by the big dawgs. Classic pump n dump/wolf of wall street stuff. Right now the big dawgs have sold of chunks of their btc and made a killing when BTC was high, this is just the risidual effect of lower level players selling off. when it get's low enough the big dawgs will buy for peanuts, ramp up the price and sell again. Just remember, they're not selling to you or me but to themselves and are just moving it back and forth to suit their position. Better to invest your money in your business ideas and innovations who are not at the mercy of speculative investors and sharks. if you can afford to lose the money you've already put in, then hold tight and cross your fingers, if not…GET OUT NOW!

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  9. Did anyone else think that just maybe Crypto was invented by the extremely rich just play around with the lives of the poor and middle class for shits and giggles? They will and forever will control the market to them that money is chump change and watching the tears and misery of their play things is more valuable then their excess resource. Like many Hodlr they are hoping that one day BTC or any crypto will reach a enormous amount, but imagine your hopes and dreams being crushed by the rich. Idk it just seems like crypto is casino chips that the rich are playing with to fuck with everyone invested into this market.

  10. Use some common sense. The elite can outlaw it or have their AI hack it all. "If you don't hold it, you don't own it." For 5000 years, gold and silver has been money. Fiat systems are made by elite to control the masses.

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