Bitcoin To $3,000? – NASDAQ Launching Bitcoin Futures!!

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We discuss the liklihood of Bitcoin crashing farther to $3,000. We also cover the recently announced NASDAQ Bitcoin futures that will be launching in the first part of 2019!

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  1. Love your videos, keep up the good work. I want to learn more about TA and in one video you said about a website that you use and recommend to learn the technical elements. Hope you can help me!

  2. I agree with you Jebb, Now is the is the right time to invest, please look into the fact that crypto is way down this year for tax loss. This is why I do believe that all crypto will go up in 2019.

  3. "Think about bitcoin like about a new toy! Like yo-yo, fidget spinner.. a main company create it and it goes viral, then the other tries to copy the idea and create similar products! And then the boom goes away, no one wants the toy anymore, forgets about it! Same with bitcoin.. the main product and the other – altCoins.. and the price is popularity/viral matter! If you think the yo-yo or fidget spinner will become alive again? Become viral again after one/two years, so bitcoin will.. but seriously? you believe that yo-yo will become most popular toy again? Top top???" – me.

  4. HELP! Got a new phone with the same phone number and I do know how to activate my google authenticator. Who can I bring my phone to ? $18,000 invested on COINBASE and I can't access my account!

  5. Bitcoin= "If this then perhaps that", "If that then perhaps this" 3k-30k. Trend is our friend. Stop loss's our ally.
    2019= Everyones guess is as good as the next. I don't think it will be as long as the 2014-2106 Bear market tho.
    Q1 2019 lows. From there, onward and upward.

  6. Better leave this sinking ship now and get in to Paladium and Gold like the Turkisch and the Chinese do at this moment. Or stay inn but be prepared to be “Mcafeed” ( this means your Wife is going to make you eat you own once she discouvered that you have made the family-savings disappear this year with this digital FoolsGold)

  7. Yes, $3000. I don't think it will hold, if it does it won't be for long. The lower range of my bear argument TA is almost exactly $1400, though I've only been learning TA for like 6 months, so it's really really interesting to see it play out. Right now, so far, I'm up on my paper trades… My bull argument gets us only to about $5k. I think a lot more people want to see it hit sub $3k now… I know I do… I want to buy that CHEAP btc hahahahah yaaasssssssssss

  8. I believe there are so many people expecting 2500-3k at this point that we'll never actually get there. I can see 3200. IF we get to 3k, it won't stay there long. There are A LOT of people waiting to buy there which is why our volume is so low right now. Would you be buying if you expected a drop to a certain level? I know I wouldn't (and I'm not). But 3k? Yeah, you better believe I'll be buying.

  9. I strongly disagree with 3000 being our bottom. We have much lower to go! I created a new video today with some in depth TA using support and resistance levels. You can view that video on my channel if you want to see what targets i came up with.

  10. tough to see it not going to the moving averages you mentioned, just hope it consolidates or bounces from there. ETH close to $100, pretty crazy. Thanks, another good video.

  11. Bitcoin is down because Snp500 is down, more downfall to come. The worse the stocks get the harder Bitcoin will fall. The $3000 line won't hold. Maybe for a short term but not long term. Don't be surprised if Nasdaq announces a delay in Bitcoin Futures to the second half of 2019, just like how everyone was betting on Bakkt Launch and they delayed it end of Jan 2019. Won't be surprised if they delay that yet again.

  12. I have tdameritrade and they have started the commercials and info to help people adapt. My father is in his 70's and is very excited to learn the new "way".

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