Bitcoin has a VALUABLE Future: HERE’S WHY [Crypto News]

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Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about The SEC and Bitcoin. These are updates!


ICOs Are ‘Effective Way’ to Raise Capital If Rules Are Followed: SEC Chairman

ICOs Are ‘Effective Way’ to Raise Capital If Rules Are Followed: SEC Chairman

Facebook Reveals ‘Ultimate Goal’ for Crypto and Blockchain Technology

Facebook Reveals ‘Ultimate Goal’ for Crypto and Blockchain Technology

Decentralized Browser Brave Becomes Default on HTC Blockchain Smartphone

UNICEF Chooses Six Blockchain Startups for Humanitarian Investment Venture


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  1. it is actually clever, WIth that number of signed customers facebook already has build a customer base for adoption of a new cryptocurrency if they decide to create one.

  2. Nice job Austin. However, don't forget the leftist mob forced Brendan Eich out of his job as CEO of Mozilla. Not sure FB getting into crypto is a good thing as they are cut from the same cloth….

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  4. Just to inform you guys … the WORST price year for the U.S. Tech sector was 2001, but it was the best year in terms of adoption, awareness, signups to the internet … I think history is repeating itself here …. HODL bitcoin until further confirmation that another coin is worthy

  5. My former C executive went to UNICEF and is probably spearheading this effort. I was a big proponent of crytpo/blockchain while we worked together and he is well versed on the technology. Wish i still worked for Andy

  6. You do, of course, know what, “but” or “however” means in logic. “Here is some ephemeral information” (but, or however) negates the value of all preceding information, followed by what we really want to say. You might want to think about leading with actual non negated info.

  7. Hi everyone please if you are interested in buying Bitcoin feel free to contact me .i sell at a cheaper rate please no scam..your transaction is %100 secured.feel free to communicate with me.


  8. Think 2017 in reverse, people went nuts thought it was going to the moon fomo gripped the many, they lost a lot of money as I have but I haven't sold

    I refuse to sell at these prices, just as people think the boom will last forever they think the doom is going to zero

    Whether I lose every penny I put in or not i am not selling, you only loose money if you sell for less

    In many ways the fundamentals of bitcoin are better than last year, there are many positives underlying the current price

    Imo there are some big players accumulating OTC and selling on the market to buy even cheaper, the only reason I'm not buying is because I'm not in a position too ATM, but for anyone who can, its a great buy, it may go down a bit more but its not going to be too much of a big deal at these prices. I wouldnt be suprised if the delays in the sec are all part of a wider collusion

    If big players on wall Street own a big % of the bitcoins then manipulation is easier for them to monitor

    By delaying decisions weaker hands and smaller players leave the market, billionaire traders don't mind waiting and accumulating other people's pain its how they make their money

    Just as last year's bubble burst the doom will too, buy when therrs blood on the streets as the saying goes buy

    The manipulation will only stop when the dumpers sell and can't buy the same amount of bitcoin they just sold so next time they dump less and less and so on

    I don't think we have see the bottom but im fairly certain anything around 2500-2800 will see huge bounces.

    This markets being controlled and pushed as low as people will let them do it, there will be a few more pumps and dumps to come imo

    The day it stops is the day people don't sell as many after the dumps and stop them doing it

    Its that simple

  9. Had BAT on my radar since last year and became a Brave user for almost as long. It's my go to browser on my phone and my laptop. Love how fast it is, and love how it's increased use us likely to drive crypto adoption.

    I'm quite skeptical of 99% of altcoins and wouldn't touch most with a ten foot pole but BAT is one i'm actually comfortable investing in.

    Thanks again.

  10. Austin, I watch your videos "Almost Daily" I would like you to look into a new project by Richard Heart called BitcoinHex. I have valued your opinion in the past based on the amount of research, it seems, that you do. I would like to see what you find. Thanks brother. Be well.

  11. I was stupid and logged in to exchange at job,not at home where I have everything under shortcuts-tabs and I logged in thru phishing site and lost 22k UTK! Even 2FA didnt help anymore.. at ATH they were worth 28k,now 500USD,but in 2019 when they will launch platform they will be worth a lot again,Im sure! Hard painfull lesson learned.. sad part is that im in such a shitty financial situation that I cant put even 10USD again in crypto! and I had 70% of money in UTK! Be careful out there guys

  12. Oh so multiple people do this channel…. I got confused. Today you said your name was Austin. Yesterday you said your name was Aaron or something. Then I heard that both voices were different. Hmmmmmmmmm

  13. Austin, Aaron, you should look into how Bitcoin price manipulation has been poisoning since the futures trading by being able to short contracts on assets that don't even have to exist. But most importantly how Bitcoiners can come together in the future to leave Wall St. holding worthless paper if necessary.

  14. Elon Musk just recently stated "I don't respect the SEC".   Nor do I.   From my viewpoint they're going to act like they're doing what's in the best interest for US citizens, act like they are doing due-diligence, etc,……….but inevitably they will do what is in best interest for the banks.  I suspect they will keep saying kind words about crypto, but will say no to an ETF in February.

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