Bitcoin Time Traveler Found! Changing The Timeline? 100k BTC 2019 Then To 1 Million? Crypto News

The infamous Bitcoin subreddit (r/bitcoin) post in which a supposed time traveler tells the world about Bitcoin, has been deleted by the author. Today, Chico Crypto thinks he may have found the person who posted it. Were they trying to alter the timeline? Were they attempting to alter the future? In the post, the person exclaims that Bitcoin becomes the new world currency. Although, this leads to mass concentrations of wealth, resulting in the an apocalyptic scenario for this world. The “time traveler” in the post makes some very spot on predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin which has got people believing that it may be true. Why is it deleted 5 years later? Can we believe the BTC 100k 2019 prediction? Plus more cryptocurrency news from Ethereum, the Ethereum hard fork 2019, I0x protocol, Makerdao, Dai Stablecoin, Augur, Chainlink crypto, Elastos & more. You don not want to miss this one!
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