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  1. Apologizes for shooting animals yet no one gives a second thought to shooting HUMANS in almost every other game lol. PC culture.

  2. Hey there's another hunting game Chase 'n Hunt in gear VR store. But without a video?. Would you please make a review of it? I think the game would be much better than this.

  3. Lets play the Chase N Hunt, its low poly environment but not that low poly animals, the interesting part you can search, chase, hunt or get hunted.

  4. Im just curious" That black wire that is running into ur phone and ur headphones are also attached to the splitter. what kind of wire is that and what does it do? I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and it lets me Mirror over to my smart tv but when I mirror it over to my Samsung Smart Tv it glitches slow, I want my family to be able to see what Im doing on VR on the big screen.

  5. On video game screen menu: "SEMI AUTO"
    Reviewer "This is full auto"….

    No, no it is not. It is semi auto, says so right on your screen

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