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  1. So why do we (diehard fans and Samsung) care about these unneccessary ppl that wanted the note to be smaller. These are probably same ppl that most like ruin this whole 10 experience by having the headphone Jack removed and even possibly the expandable memory on the upcoming so sick ppl say why do we need the extra memory, you know what, "we want what we want cause it was there from beginning " and Marcus you're might as well get the s10 plus its a waaay better phone, just missing the stylus

  2. OP7pro launch : "With the higher resolution and a big screen, battery life takes a hit. About 5 to 6 hours screen on time."
    Note10 : "This phone got me those great numbers for battery. About 4 hours screen on time."

    WHAT NOW??? ?

  3. The Galaxy Note has always been a buisiness phone, because of the S-Pen. This is the only difference. And, of course, the marketing department has to take care of this division as well. And so that the whole thing is not such a big disappointment, you have a few other camera features and other built-in. They should start by supporting the creative people, just as Apple has become an indispensable for musician. Because the latency is better with Apple than with other PCs. And who still needs a PC today, you just put it in your pocket.

  4. I didn't see the point of the note 10+. It's basically the s10+ but without a headphone jack, a slightly bigger battery, an extra tof camera and an S pen. It isn't worth upgrading from a note 9, s9 or s10.

  5. The new Note is good example for the mindset of Apple-Haters and their hatespeech. The live in a world, where Android-Phones are so much more innovated and less expensive then the Apple Phones. The question, why Apple-Haters just need the relation to Apple all the time, is a question on its own, because since Android has more then 80% marketshare, this relation is really not stable.
    But here we are, the Note as the most advanced Phone in the world… which cant do really more then a iPhone 8. The camera is an issue, of course, and If ppl like the make a lot of Photos, print them for wall at home, do this for other ppl like Weddings or so, this is a point. Since the vast majority just shoot on food, cats and themself as a selfie… ah… forget it, you name it.
    Here is the best Smartphone on the planet right now, which can do nothing special at all. And since the iPhone 7 or 8 era, the phones will not really change the next years, there will not big jump anymore. So ppl will use theire phones way much longer. And this will kill a lot of the industry. HTC is out allready, more will follow. (When the chinese market is full like the US or EU)

  6. After watching,
    S10+ vs Pro 7 (owning and using both currently)
    The S10+ is almost always with me.
    The Pro 7 gets left at home.
    All-in-all the Pro 7 is a mid tier quality phone.
    And is much much better than the Essential Ph-1.

  7. The regular Note 10 was made for people who wanted the latest and greatest, the S-Pen, but didn't want a huge phone.
    BTW, love the cinematography ?

  8. On a note 8 here, im still very disappointed with the note 10 and oneplus 7 i also had the oneplus one when it came out i prefer the headphone Jack but went the note 8 route because i really use the stylus a lot so seeing both my favorite oneplus company and Samsung step away from that when they said they wouldn't is very disappointing

  9. If someone pulls out their s10+ with that qhd display u gon be mad. S pin is ?..No one < aarp uses that thang. Thank you for an honest/Very informative review as always!!!

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