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  1. Gears 5 is the only game I need for the fall and winter months. love Horde and I cant wait to see what all gets added to Escape as well as the surprises coming in the campaign!

  2. Never trust reviews of games or movies when they aren’t out yet. Even if it’s by a day. They are even more biased than post-release reviews

  3. 30 seconds into the video I realized the biggest xbone fanboy is doing this review (of course ?)… Let me guess he says its AMAZING lol. Ryan mate ur a joke. No one enjoys ur content. Would much prefer if u left ign

  4. Gears 5's campaign and multiplayer are in the same package. So i think one single review should be the way to go.
    If you buy Gears 5, you get both experiences . There's no point in separating the reviews

  5. The game just looks too similar, to the other I’ve loved most of the gears game but the game looks old and withered and out of ideas on were to go imo. I’m going to pass on this, I guarantee that if Microsoft had other big exclusives that still sell they would not be a gears 5.

  6. "This isn't about you it's about me!" -Kate Ugh, the writers have clearly been watching too many Brie Larson movies, and yes even one is too many. Actually that's the kind of line I'd expect to hear from the CW Batwomen.

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