Virtual Reality: Creating Humanitarian Empathy

United Nations – Is it possible to stand in the shoes of a refugee or know what it’s like to face an Ebola epidemic? A new technology may make that possible: …


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  1. This is all very well but Islam and other religions DO NOT MIX.
    Later there will be misbehaviour and then violence – and the Muslims will always claim to be the victims even though they attack women sexually in broad daylight and think it is their right.
    Its kinder to help them with food, money and housing in their own country.
    The Quran teaches Muslims that any country they go to live belongs to them, so if you allow a Muslim in you are – in their eyes – giving them your country.
    We should not interfere in wars between Muslim countries, let them fight it out, it is after all, what they have always done – and will continue to do. If we interfere, we get the blame.

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