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  1. definitely becoming my main phone, it's kind of a detox because you're not gonna watch videos and go on instagram on that but you can still answer snap, dm's etc what brick phones can't unfortunately do .

  2. It is perfect for me as a 1st phone.
    I have like 3 apps and only use my phone for listening to my music via bluetooth.
    I use a tablet at home and for quickly answering whatsapp on the road this is perfect.
    Have to see about the battery life though.

  3. I think it's not quite small enough because the thickness of it is not good enough for a mini purse / fat wallet. What it needs is a graphene supercapacitor instead of a lithium ion battery.

  4. Jelly is made from the juice of a fruit. Jam consists of the whole fruits, skin and seeds if need be. Seems like a good start phone for a kid

  5. They RAISED the price on this phone to $124.99 and call it a PRO now removed some of the accessories as well

    All you get now is the phone short usb cable and user manual

  6. did anyone know that Kindle Fire HD 7' has surround sound capabilities. im talking about the first one the one that has a curve on the back. not the comeplete square one.

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