Google Pixel 7 Pro revisit: 8 months later

Google Pixel 7 Pro revisit: 8 months later

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  1. it's like me slightly above average in every way. not too flashy but better than the rif raf. you won't be amazed but you'll be surprisingly satisfied if you give it a shot

  2. I'm currently using and s23 ultra and it's an excellent phone, I'm tiring of the Samsung experience. As for the cameras they're great in the right conditions but more often than not I get slightly blurred pictures in medium lighting conditions. If it's not bright or dark I'm not confident in the outcome. If anyone can provide insight on the Pixels performance I'd appreciate it, I'm eagerly waiting for the 8 Pro in October

  3. I love my white pixel 7 pro. I'm not a tech reviewer. For the price I paid, I love my 7 pro. The quality & functionality gives me pleasure everyday. Great screen, performance and fantastic usability. Top notch camera!

  4. Only reasons to buy a Pixel is for the camera (its literal namesake) and for the "pure android experience." Also good for installing custom ROM's. But if you just want to buy a decent phone for what the average user wants, it's not a good option. Half of the "amazing smart AI features" aren't even available outside of the US.

  5. I came the Note 20 ultra to the pixel 5 now i have the pixel 7 and ill never get another phone the Pixels are for sure the smartest smart phones

  6. Just imagine with the same price and snapdragon processor 8 gen 2 it will create havoc to other Android vendors

  7. I think pixel is failed in there processor because my 6 year old 21000₹ Poco (made by xiaomi) have over 564,811 antutu score and New pixel 7a have antutu score 687,738 nothing difference and this phone cost 44000₹ 😅😅😅😅😅😢😢😢😢😢

  8. 3:09 – Man how impatient do you have to be if you can't deal with a phone charging at the wattage it's at? chances are that you would still be using the dang thing WHILE it's charging quickly so why must this be something of a criticism? Talk about spoiled.🤦🏾‍♂

  9. Im from india, This is a review i posted in Flipkart where i brought the pixel 7 pro from, I am pasting same review here:
    I have been a long-time fan of the Pixel series, having used the Nexus 5, Nexus 6P, Pixel 2, and now the Pixel 7 Pro. My experience also extends to several Samsung flagship and mid-range phones. Before purchasing the Pixel 7 Pro, I was using the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    Despite my history with Pixel devices, I must admit that I found the Pixel 7 Pro underwhelming. It doesn't quite meet the standards of a flagship device, and surprisingly, it reminded me more of Samsung's Note 20 Ultra with the Exynos chipset. It appears to me as if the Pixel 7 Pro is essentially a repackaged version of that phone, albeit with a few design tweaks and the Pixel OS.

    Regrettably, it shares the same overheating issues I experienced with the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Even the Pixel Buds seem strikingly similar to Samsung's Buds, and I noticed a lot of resemblances in the corresponding headphone apps as well. Given the ongoing partnerships between Samsung and Google, it wouldn't be surprising if Google is essentially repurposing Samsung's older phones, headphones, and watches with minor hardware and software alterations.

    In terms of camera quality, while the Pixel 7 Pro is decent, it's now overshadowed by the current Samsung phones, which produce significantly superior photos. This is a noticeable shift from the past when Pixel was the leader in smartphone photography.

    On numerous occasions, my Pixel 7 Pro prevented me from using the camera due to overheating. Considering the device's performance and my overall experience, I would only recommend this phone as a mid-range option. However, its current price is too high for that category. A price tag of around 60k, excluding any discounts, would be more appropriate. At 80k, I believe it's not worth it and would recommend opting for a quality Samsung phone instead.

    Additionally, I also use an Asus ROG 3 phone. It offers more useful features than the Pixel, although the camera quality isn't as good, it lacks waterproofing, and the display isn't quite up to par. However, if future ROG phones improve their camera capabilities, I would definitely consider purchasing them.

  10. When i update my apps from play store they dont update then i clear my cache memory then will update soo why i all the time clear my cache memory or cookies data … So any fix permanent issue….?

  11. Only if it had better battery life.
    Hence why I am planning to switch to the Xperia 1 V with the SD 8 Gen 2

  12. Im excited to see if the pixel 8 pro will improve the battery life, thermal efficiency and cooling, video recording quality , and seflie camera, and please please give us a brighter screen !

  13. The most & only irritating thing about 7 Pro is the battery performance with minimal usage it barely lasts a day and with no usage after full charge it consumes anywhere between 15 to 20 % of battery overnight.

  14. As much as I love the pixel 7 pro my pixel 6 pro is a nightmare I won't be swapping back to a pixel unless Google fixes the tensor chip and makes an actual real good chip. The chip overheats has awful battery life or average battery life. My s23 ultra from Google fi costs 599 and honestly this is been the best android smartphone I have used. I only charge this phone once a day for it to last me the entire day it could potentially last me for a day and a half doesn't overheat and it works better.

  15. I just bought a P7P and I have to say I'm really loving it so far. It does everything I need it to do and I enjoy the pure Android experience. I love the way the P7P processes photos. I have no regrets with my purchase.

  16. Pixel 7 Pro is the worst phone I had in many years . Rebooting is the main issue, have been given a replacement same problem …….

  17. I get shocking battery life from my Pixel 7 Pro. It's been even worse since the start of May. I'm getting rid of mine soon. I can't wait to go back to Samsung. There are so many compromises with the Pixel. The stuttering screen when scrolling, the absolutely stupid fact that the whole top row of the home screen is taken up by the date, the poor cell coverage compared to Samsung, the poor zoom lenses, the poor speakers. Need I go on. I just don't really get the love.

  18. Well I absolutely be the last time I buy a Google phone… Pixel pro is absolute fucking trash. It was great when it first came out until they came out with the first update like always…. It's a flagshit phone. A real review from a real bad motherfucker 🖕

  19. When the Pixel gets the equivalent of face ID from apple, the user experience will boost rapidly. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max but when the Pixel Fold dropped, as a prior Pixel 2,3,4 XL user I immediately recognized this as the best Pixel to possibly ever come out so I pre ordered it. I like Apple and Android, I would like to see more development in face recognition technology especially for the Pixel line to ditch the fingerprint scanner.

  20. Between this one and OnePlus 11, which one should I go with? My main needs are decent cameras, battery life, build quality and longevity (2.5 to 3 years). Performance can be comparable to other phones in this range. Good software is a bonus. I'm coming from a budget Redmi phone. I'm open to considering other phones in this range as well.

  21. So I own a p7p and a s23u. The s23 is far superior in almost every category. Almost being the key word. In my own testing, the pixel wipes the floor with sammy on pixel taking. Indoor and out. Sure, selfies are better on the s23. Google features are ridiculously good. And it just feels so much better in the hand. And magic eraser is much better on the pixel. Just from my observations

  22. Two things that make this superior to the s23 ultra. 1. The pixel features, like call screen, are huge quality of life features that aren't replicated. 2. The camera is vastly superior in basically every scenario. Seriously, try taking pictures of your infant or per indoors, the s23 ultra is a smudgy mess on half the pics, while it's downright difficult to take a blurry pic on the pixel. I don't play games, so that's of zero consequence in my case. Both amazing phones. If Samsung could get within the same universe as the pixel with pictures, I'd never buy another pixel.

  23. This guy "Google needs to improve this phone" also this guy "I've had no issues" 😑 and about performance that you're saying they need to add better processor but name me one thing that you can't do on this phone and it not be butter smooth, go ahead, I'll wait…..if Google did add these things and made the phone $1,200 then you big dummies would be complaining about that.

  24. Really hope the heating issues will be resolved or they move on to TSMC instead of Samsung fabrication (which I know is not possible) let's hope for the best for the 8 Series

  25. Pixel devices are becoming the most hated in the Android community by people who do don’t actually use the devices. Why?

    Pixels manage to give arguably the best experience while at the same time never being the top of any benchmark or spec sheet. People love the throw out numbers for why you shouldn’t like a Pixel, yet Pixel fans know the experience is the only thing that matters.

  26. Best thing I ever did going from s 21 to P7P, longer battery, better connection, and both phones got warm while using them

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