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  1. Do. Not. Buy the maps. U can literally look for everything with Eagle eye for free, if you're going to buy something buy the shovel and then the metal detector when you unlock it. While u hunt for trader just look around ur area, also the spawn locations are the same for everyone so someone probably gonna drop a list of locations within the next week.

  2. Does anyone else feel completely let down by rdr2 online?

    It's the most lackluster online gameplay I've ever experienced in my life… what's the point of even making money online there's nothing cool to purchase or do..

    The game for me was extremely overhyped..

    And the story was kind of lackluster…

  3. really dragging loop with some cool rewards in its Battlepass style system, but really slow leveling and repetitive missions…. in the end you‘re more on horseback than everything else… quite a shame since this game has basically the potential for everything but i feel like it simply is so close to reality that it is as boring as reality is… at least sometimes.

  4. Could've done single player dlc and charged anything for it, or even a remake of the first red dead in this engine, could make way more money these ways.

  5. was exited to do some bounty hunting turned in the target alive for maximum reward. my reward was $12 spent $4 buying ammo to replace what i spent using on the bounty target. deleted the game.

  6. Not sure if this is a bug but if you give Crips the animal parts before restocking the production you can’t sell the game you have to Crips because according to the inventory you haven’t given him anything

  7. Out of all 3 ive had the most fun with bounty hunting but depends on the person playing i dont want to deliver goods because thats the same thing everyones been doing in GTA v for the past 5 years only now im using a slow wagon. Collecting stuff can get boring for me after long periods of time unless you really like exploring that is. bounty hunting is where its at if you just want some people to shoot with a decent enough payout and difficult enough challenge then do bounty hunting.

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