Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash "Decision Time" as Global Meltdown Looms!! (Bix Weir)

On Monday BAKKT opens and the “Bitcoin Wedge” closes…where will the Riggers take the price of BTC? What’s better now – BTC or BCH? Sign the petition!


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  1. I think you need to stop banging this crypto drum. People risk losing huge amounts of money here. The fact is that technology is subject to obsolescence. Crypro is just a technology platform. There is no tangible value behind it. It can go obsolete due to better systems being introduced (hyperledger trumps blockchain perhaps) or it can go obsolete when a new technology renders it useless (quantum computing cracking the cipher – Google has almost done it already). Technology is, and always will be, short lived, as improved technology replaces it. Blockchain is a great platform for certain transactional business solutions but as a store of value? Don't be silly.

  2. Except that BTC is the biggest of all the Shitcoins, it’s only claim to fame is it was First (well second actually to XRP) ?? it’s super slow, super expensive, most Ecco unfriendly coin in the World; guzzling a medium sized countries electricity consumption to mine; it’s already burning 2% of the Worlds electricity production, more than Switzerlands power needs, image if it gets to $100,000? Proof of Work is inefficient, not scalable & throught with security problems! Pure insanity & stupidty! Totally hackable with 51%+ control of miners ? forking here, forking there for selfish profits, totally centralised by a couple of Chinese miners, no utility, no use case, no value beyond perceived ? it’s dying a slow death ? but surely it is dying, soon to be replaced by ?XRP?

  3. DGB is 50X faster than BTC and 40X faster than LTC and cheaper to transact with. Charlie should team up with Jared to make LTC even greater .


    Dream on. Besides could not China control the value of Bitcoin ? You think the U.S. could accept that ?

  5. Nice that you gave Chris Duane a shout out, Freedom Girl is awesome. But there is nothing angry about it, Freedom Girl is simply the modern day version of the U.S. government's no longer minted Peace Coin. That's all it is.

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