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  1. I've been through addiction and when I feel myself being draw in to close to anything I cut ties. What he's saying is true in the sense that ig you've never been addicted, it's easier to draw you in. I have a cellphone but I don't give a damn about it. I'll use smoke signals if I have to send a message. Damn a a phone.

  2. Got rid of my iPhone and replaced it with a basic flip phone to help me focus on writing my book. Also got rid of my TV, Laptop, and IPad. I'm posting this comment on a library computer after finishing a 75 minute writing session. Two more 75 min sessions left for today. I will not be that wasted potential.

  3. I don't know about that psychological study… I could never paint or let alone remember a face in details. Anything that is sound or music, quite the opposite. And I doubt most of us could do the kind of thought experiments Einstein is famous for.
    As for phones, it's mostly social media to blame for robbing people of their ability to… socialize, and of the time and energy to be meaningful in their lives.

  4. Well ya ! … part of substance abuse is the actual prep of the substance ! … not just the substance itself but the preparation of that substance … thinking about it … opening a bottle or crushing a pill … then snorting it or preparing a needle .then injecting … or pouring the alcohol … then taking part in the consumption … so behaviour is absolutely part of an addiction

  5. The 2 previous generations to the millenials were TV addicts which was worse because you were dosed with a mix of trashy soap operas commercials and propoganda. The generation before them sat in groups looking at the RADIO for Chrissakes!! ?

  6. Im battling my youtube and coffee addiction. Spahetti and pizza addiction too and sugar free soda. I dont eat other than that. Although i work out.
    I will shift to potato only diet tommorow to loose some weight. Pray for me

  7. Hoooo Boy I wish Nietzsche could be here to see the world today, I can only imagine what a nightmarish dystopia he would consider 2019. Pretty much the entire civilized world is filled to the brim with 'Last Men.'

  8. waiting for those in the cult like climate change madness of Greta Thurnberg to realize the smart phone system is one of the worst contributors to carbon emissions.

  9. The worlds greatest learning tool, never before has man had access to so much information and knowledge.

    Yes the I-phone is addictive but in watching videos which teach me more than I could have ever learned in 100 years of living without it.

    We must pursue knowledge not to use the cell/ I-phone for foolish activities.

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