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  1. Professor X cannot move anything with his mind. Not anything I’ve seen in any of the movies, or anywhere I have read in the comics. He is telepathic, not telekinetic. ?

  2. Telepath means you mess with brains… Not objects, the only reason he can stop motion or seemingly pause time is because he ain't pausing anything he is just fucking with perception and the ability to move in anyway (On a mental level, including brain functions aka hitting pause on a human). Magneto can ACTUALLY move objects, Prof x CANT MOVE ANYTHING he can at most stop some motion but that's IT! He has psychic abilities not telekinesis.

    Now if you said phoenix can move objects you'd be right because she's has telekinesis powers unlike prof x.

  3. You could probably get this for less than half the price on Aliexpress. Still cool though and yes you might want them for phones too if you are interested in preserving your Micro USB or USB Type C port on your phone. Just remember not all support fast charging and not all support data on the cable.

  4. Linux is much better than anything Apple has. The only people still buying Apple products are the misinformed or those sheep that have to be cool no matter what the price is.

  5. I find this pathetic. This type of cable has been out for quite a few years already and wsken had the best cable back in 2016. Wsken mini 2 came with magnets strong enough to pick up your phone by and the contacts are 24k gold plated options for the connector are lightning, micro usb, and usb c. ( Package included one cable and your choose of one connector, if multiple or different connectors are needed they can be added.) I thought as a person that reviews products you would be showing the latest ones not catching up.

  6. USB? PFFFFFT. I thought this was about the REAL problem, which is DC power plugs. I've never seen a USB jack break anyway. I'm talking like a gaming laptop that you accidentally yank on the jack and now it breaks the connection inside your laptop. It's happened to me twice, and I'm very careful with my power cord. But if it yanks, it yanks.

  7. I have a pixelbook,now how would this compare with the oem type c wire that comes with the pixelbook? Would it charge my pixelbook the same?

  8. How do you know you plugged it right? The main advantage of usb-c is there is no right and wrong position. you gust plug it. Same as old magnetic apple connectors…
    but there seem to be a two rows of contracts 2 and 3 pins…

  9. Does anyone know of something like this that will fit my Zenbook? I've got through a few now damaging the charger port beyond repair.

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