#Bitcoin could see some extreme volatility in short term! Institutional investors increasing longs, but will the CME gap inevitably get closed? Opera browser enables direct $BTC payments, more counterfeit gold, ripple awareness campaign, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

2:00 〽️ Markets
9:24 Institutions buying BTC (longs up):
10:40 Counterfeit gold:
21:11 Why we really need crypto:
12:48 Grayscale report:
15:11 Ripple awareness campaign:
15:54 Visa 24k hoax?
17:06 Blockchains step up:
18:13 Tron x Samsung?
19:10 Opera browser BTC payments:

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BITCOIN: This Has NEVER Happened Before!! SUPER BULLISH or $BTC DUMP Imminent?!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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  3. Wow, that guy got totally wrecked when he fomoed into a pump!!!
    The main thing we have to remember is that it's totally logical to be extremely bullish on bitcoin in the long term, and therefore we should all have a logical fear of missing out in the long term, but we shouldn't allow that to cause us to make irrational choices in the short term by fomoing into a pump!!!
    I for one, certainly don't want to get wrecked!!!

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