SHARK ATTACK! – Playstation VR "Shark Encounter" Gameplay

Leave a ‘Like’ if you guys want more VR gameplay on the channel! ○ CHELS TRYING THE SHARK GAME: …


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  1. Shark thing is way way too colorful. Also. You can describe this as something other than “insane”. And you really have NEVER seen or heard of a manta ray??????? Jesus.

  2. I've played this before on the VR and when I finished I was crying because I was so scared. I'm pretty sure I swore a couple times and I was in front of my mom. Now I'm scared to play any deep diving games..

  3. Friend:have you ever seen a shark befor

    Me:yeah it was big and it was so scary

    Friend:OMGdid it bite

    Me:no i took off my V.R glasses befor it could

    Freind:WAUT WHAT i thougbt you said you saw one befor

    Me:yeah in VR DUH

  4. when you have Thalassophobia but you watch this video
    Btw Thalassophobia is a fear of deep,dark, or big bodies of water or just underwater or creatures under water 🙂

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