Most Crazy Camera Smartphone Results

I have tested tons of smartphones out there and what I have noticed is that the image processing makes a huge difference and it differs so much from brand to …


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  1. Sorry, but Geekyranjit's camera conclusions are so flawed. He again takes pictures only from his rooftop garden and office, and comes to quick conclusions about things like exposure and white balance.
    Go out to the city and and click pictures in varying lighting conditions, and then form a conclusion.

  2. Not gonna lie..
    iPhone's camera is best
    Realme XT is 2nd
    And Note 8 pro is 3rd
    I hate the camera of Samsung in artificial and indoor softens the face.

    Btw I'm a S10 plus user.

  3. Pixel was over hyped because of the crazy HDR on pictures of scenes, nature and objects. Google forgot most people take pic of themselves. My brother was disappointed in 10 days of buying a pixel and then in less than a year got a Note

  4. He is a very biased youtuber he included realme XT redmi note 8 pro and didn't even cared to include camera centric phones like Nokia 9 pureview and Nokia 8.1 just because Nokia doesn't pays him even POCO F1 with GCAM is better than Realme XT and Redmi Note 8 pro

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