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  1. The problem isn't the technology the problem is spoilt children these days I'm 14 and I have never owned a smartphone, but there is some children at the age of 6 that are on Facebook and i don't even understand the purpose for that who they gonna talk to elmo and big bird

  2. once I was walking with my friend and she was texting her, in her words, "baaaaeeeee ugh ilhsm", and I'm just walking, looking around at the city and since she's on her phone, just texting, she runs into a huge pillar and falls to the ground, gets angry at me, and storms off (she got lost).

  3. It's crazy how much my perspective has changed from not having a smartphone for just one year.. like most of these kids sound like fools saying "I need my phone to fit in and be cool". Really? Oh my I hope something drastic happens to my generation. Watch some Tai Lopez PLEASE

  4. Ok how much time i spent on my phone 0
    How mant Texts 0
    How many phone calls 0

    I have the best socialization

    I have no phone it also gets me ticked off when my friends 5 year old brother has a phone just for games and like not the real purpose of having a phone

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