To All Bitcoin and Crypto Holders! Top 3 AVOIDED But Important Truths…

To All Bitcoin and Crypto Holders! Top 3 AVOIDED But Important Truths…


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

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  1. You used an image of Nicolas Maduro just as you said dictator. In the failed coup attempt against Maduro and the people of Venezuela, the USA tried to force the democratically elected Maduro out and replace him with Juan Guaido, so they could get control of the oil.  They failed to overthrow the government, the USA did get control of the oil and have placed sanctions on Venezuela which targets the people of course.

  2. Take it from an og who bought in 2011 bagholders, youre all moonbois and your liberty/anti banks mantra is nothing but a cheap sales mantra. If you moonbois really are anti banks the price wouldn't tank everytime bitcoin is rejected from mainstream markets.

  3. Hey Crypto Daily, I have been following your videos for a long time and I think you provide great content however I think that one thing which isn't discussed enough is the most efficient on ramps for new Crypto investors and also how to spend/cash out crypto when the next bull run is in full swing 😉
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    One interesting thing I found was that by transferring fiat into euro and then depositing it on the exchange I had a near zero fee on ramp to crypto that I was unable to match anywhere else ( and I was previously using localbitcoins ). For sure follow my link to check it out and we both get 50 usd but more importantly cover this thing on one of your up and coming vids cause in my opinion their on ramp service has not been matched by any other provider @t

    Thank you my friend for your consistent high quality content.

  4. i can’t stop thinking of one thing that doesn’t make sense to me.
    If dollar dies, and bitcoin’s only value so far is to be paired to the dollar what would be bitcoin’s value after that?
    and who would set/decide prices, salaries etc… it doesn’t feel right to be unbound from a fiat currency.

  5. Twice watched, Daily you are an artist! Your video work is fantastic. Entertainment and education in the same package. I like your whole take on this crazy crypto world. Thanks

  6. I come to a conclusion that what the crypto holders need to see the price skyrocket again is another “ethereum mineable super profitable “ cryptocurrency to attract people to come and invest to have almost a sure profit return in fiat. Other things won’t do much to the price of bitcoin

  7. Great video. Although Satoshi is definitely not a group because someone would have blabbed by now. It is also extremely unlikely to be a woman because women are almost absent from both ends of the IQ bell curve. Finally, it is definitely not Craig Wright.

  8. Great video! Really good, in every aspect. But your Westerners' fear of communists and socialism is just amazing, and mindblowingly ridiculous : )

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    Guess Who Owns It?

    Good luck to ETH application builders. Time to adjust roadmaps to migrate to @_Metanet?
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  10. BTC patriot for all the reasons you stated. BTC moon boy because moon signifies the ultimate end of the criminal system. Moon boys will instantly become BTC patriots because when BTC is worth what they want to sell it for in fiat, fiat will be worthless.

    Fiat is garbage. I throw my pennies away. A penny saved is now a waste of time.

    Tax authority and capitol control is only relevant as long as worthless fiat exists. Crypto to crypto transactions make them irrelevant.

    Libra aka CIA coin. These criminal coins are hilarious. Its like watching go bots trying to take transformer market share. Hows those go bot movies doing?

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