Stop buying expensive smart phones

This is the Austin Evans Galaxy S20 review. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a ridiculous monster of a smartphone. Have you listenened to my new podcast …


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  1. Lmao United States doesn't have a 5g network yet. The companies are just putting a fake 5g symbol to fool consumers. United States doesn't want to do business with Huawei and Huawei is the only company so far that has a 5g network ready.

  2. S9 plus is worth it probablywhatever older phone is probably worth it today along that has the newest Android update or iOS update it is a good phone

  3. so google pixel 4 had 90hz yet everyone went batsh*t crazy because it reverted back to 60hz after losing so much battery yet the S20 only does 120hz at 1080p and no one says anything?

  4. Make sure when he gets back from Japan he goes straight to the Hospia to get double checked for the CORONA we cant have you getting ill

  5. Why you don't buy a Toyota Yaris???
    It has air conditioning, even great mpg, has a much lower price than the car that I suppose you have, the Yaris take you to the same place as the 100k ? ? ? ? ? PERSPECTIVE Bro… No more than that

  6. Lol the beard has more detail with the Samsung but I don’t like that… WHAT? Does it pain you to give Samsung credit I’ve seen a bunch of other videos and their results were far different and they were Apple fan boys too ?.

  7. With the mi 10 pro, at literally half the price you can get the same chipset and 5g, 108MP camera, 2 telephotos and an ultra wide, faster wired and wireless charging with the same battery size and way better design than this prototype looking thing. Sure the display will be 90hz, and 8gb of ram but how much more would that actually cost? Samsung is just ripping consumers off this time. It doesn't even work well with some bugs regarding the camera and that 1080p lock to the high refresh rate. Also, enjoy spending 1400$ for 2 years of support.

  8. What's that "ultimate experience" you're really talking about Austin?
    What's ultimately ridiculous is also the fact that it cannot even run full resolution at 90HZ … Seriously?
    And in the end you say it's worth the 1400 dollar price tag for it's ultimate specs. Dear Austin, I don't remember a more conflicting review you before. Make me question the whole purpose of us coming here in the first place.

  9. guys from the U.S. should wait for a moment when the newest Samsung S series and iPhones will achieve the price level of $1500 like it's in Europe. Then start talking about expensive smartphones ?

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