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Disclaimer: The information I discuss in the videos on this channel are only the views of myself and are not to be taken as financial advice. The purpose of these videos are to promote discussion and interest in the crypto-space. Also, we like to make jokes!

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  1. rich bitcoiners doesn't need to buy any coins.. they only sell, every day..
    it is the poor poeple that buys and increase the price.. so if the rich where to die or lose their wallet the price would skyrocket and we would profit a great deal =)

  2. Last week not you, or anyone else, replied to my comment pointing out this potential drop. I’ll restate it here. Many TA gurus (no disrespect) including you were quick to show the huge upside historically after the 50 EMA would golden cross the 200 MA on the daily and quickly gloss over the time in 2015 when it was basically a fakeout if they’d mention it at all. When that happened, spot dropped 20% and it took approx 60 days to cross back to the upside. If that’s what’s happening now we are looking at a retest of 6800 and a cross back to the upside 2 weeks before the halving… interesting, no? Check out the daily chart around August 17th, 2015…

  3. I told you we would hit the $8,200 level. Some of the players that are not well known are dumping. They are dumping because their supply is caustic and needs dumping.

  4. This is the best time to buy bitcoin.Investing in Bitcoin has been the smartest decision of my life, initially frustrating, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through. On several occasions, some majority of the videos uploaded on different channels made references about a Pro Trader- Payton Niles who has an affordable Strategy to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to trade their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his Telegram @paytontrades he has been giving the best trading Tips and I have been able to increase my little 3.5Btc to 9BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story. Y'all can reach out to him through His WhatsApp: +12098109432

  5. I’m new to crypto, and I’m thankful for the wealth of YouTube vids that educate new investors on high volatility that is characteristic of the market. Instead of panicking every time there is a correction, I look forward to the dips to stack sats! Awesome vid!

  6. Nice video, as usual. For bitcoin, The bulls are still under pressure and if the dip isn’t over as expected, we may still see $8,000 this week but the trend still shows BTC would have a strong close this year and see a new all-time high before the second quarter of 2020. So, we must be on a positive lookout and build a solid portfolio and the safest way about this is by trading daily. But extra care must be considered when you decide to trade on your own. The best approach is to be guided by an expert trader with a very strong success rate. My choice remains Jeffery Mcnaney. With his precision almost 100%, I applied his approach and was able to trade 0.9 BTC into 2.4 BTC in about 3 weeks. In appreciation of his services, I’d like to make others know of this super trader. Jeffery can be reached through Telegram ( @jefferymcnaney ) for further details.

  7. Great content Tyler. I would really appreciate a summary at the end of your videos on one slide that sums up your thoughts. For example Short term; 60-70% Downside / Target $8,200-$7,500 / 30-40% upside / Target $10,000. Thanks

  8. Even though I believe we have a bright future, it's Certainly not for the faint of heart.. ✌️?
    keep stacking sats!

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